Bridging Community Campaign

In 2014, Glade Run Foundation embarked on a capital campaign to accomplish an unprecedented agency transformation that will expand our service delivery, continue to fulfill our mission, and ensure the agency’s existence for the next 160 years through a diversification of funding dollars. The agency transformation will connect Glade Run to the community in a way that has previously not been done, allowing accessibility and providing innovative offerings for the community. The transformation begins with the dismantling of outdated and unused buildings on campus, a change in entry and road patterns, new parking, and three unique projects: Jeremiah Village, the Sensory Park and Playground, and an autism-friendly recreation center, classrooms, and learning tower. For more information about how you can partner with us to make the transformation complete, contact Sheila Talarico at or 724.452.4453, ext. 1244.

Glade Run is passionate about children and families. For over 160 years, Glade Run has served our community’s youth through unparalleled mental health, educational, cultural and autism program offerings. Glade Run has identified opportunities that will utilize our assets, meet our mission, and diversify from nearly 100% government funding. In effect, the campaign is ensuring Glade Run’s future while evolving to meet the needs of our community. Once complete, the projects created through the campaign will provide necessary revenue to help support Glade Run’s mission care for traumatized youth for the next hundred years.

The Bridging Community Campaign has a goal of $2.5 million, which will be raised from a combination of gifts from individuals, corporations, foundations, and churches. The remainder of the cost of the $34 million transformation will be financed by the agency.

The campaign includes a complete transformation of Glade Run’s Zelienople campus, removing and renovating outdated buildings, moving the entrance and reconstructing roadways for safety. The three major projects of the campaign include:

  • Jeremiah Village: an inclusive rental neighborhood welcoming of individuals with and without autism who desire a return to safe communities where neighbors are family. A diverse community of professionals, seniors, students, and families, Jeremiah Village fulfills the dreams of parents of aging youth with autism by providing a safe, caring and accepting neighborhood in which to live. Project cost: $29 million (Phases I and II).
  • Sensory Park & Playground: a unique outdoor play and recreation space designed to meet the sensory needs of children with autism spectrum disorders, but able to be enjoyed by all children and families. For the first time, families of children with autism will have an appropriate place to play and spend time together. Glade Run clients, students, and campers will also enjoy the park while developing physically and socially. Project cost: $750,000.
  • Stephen’s Expansion, Rec Center & Learning Center: expansion includes new and replacement classrooms, a learning center for Glade Run’s 600 staff, and the construction of a new, autism-friendly recreation center that features a gymnasium and an upstairs walking/running track. Glade Run clients and students will be able to engage in social, educational and physical activities in a safe and sensory appropriate environment. Project cost: $4 million.

The total cost of the transformation will be $34 million. Glade Run will fund the remaining portion of the projects through bank financing and the utilization and sale of natural resources.

Glade Run’s boards of directors have been involved in the planning for Glade Run’s transformation and have supported it financially with 100% participation in the campaign. Several members of the board sit on the campaign steering committee.

Much has been done already! Many outdated buildings have been dismantled to make way for Jeremiah Village, which will occupy 12 acres of our existing campus Zelienople campus. The Sensory Park and Playground will be completed in 2016.

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